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Jump in and follow the same training program and lifestyle that I live and follow every day, allowing me to stay at 10% body fat or below for over a decade!

Included in the program:

-6 training days per week.

-Personalized macronutrient breakdown, a detailed nutrition packet, and an example week nutrition plan.

-24/7 access to ask me questions or send me videos for personalized feedback through our private member's text group, private member's Facebook group, and email.

-Weekly videos from me breaking down what you have waiting for you each week.

What really sets the Built Tough Training program apart is the simple and applicable information available to you once you're on the team. You will have access to simple and effective nutrition plans built for you according to your personal macronutrient needs, mobility routines, and a massive library of movement videos for each exercise you’ll see in the program.

At the start of every week, you get a video from me, diving into that week's programming. I’ve found this to be helpful with adherence to the program and overall buy-in from my clients, as they understand better what we are working towards, and how we are going to get there.

The goals of this program are to increase strength, muscle mass, and athleticism, maximize fat loss and cultivate longevity so that we can thrive in all areas of our lives!

Join The Built Tough Training and Nutrition Program For $44/month.

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Built tough 1-on-1: Personalized to yoU.

-Personalized Training and Nutrition.

-24/7 Support and Accountability via Text and Built Tough Training App

-Check-in call and accountability call once a week during the first two weeks then once every month.

This is a 1 on 1, personalized, built for you training and nutrition program. You have direct access to me through text, Facebook, and email 24/7 for support and accountability, with a check-in call every 2 weeks. After signing up we start with a 30 min goals and assessment call, where I get to understand your background and goals, check mobility and movement patterns, and lay out your game plan. I will build a training program that fits your goals, personalized to you and the equipment you have access to.

Built 1-on-1 is $350/month.

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